Plastic Surgery Was Considered Ultrasonic Liposuction  

Finally in the postoperative period should wear a compression garment as quickly as possible to return to an active lifestyle.

In my experience, there have been no cases of fat embolism, as in our clinic we are very strictly adhering to safety.

Electric shock - A year ago, the star of the world of plastic surgery was considered ultrasonic liposuction. But it had a major drawback: the overheating tissue.

Today, it was replaced by the high-frequency liposuction. In places where fat fine needle injected with saline, it comes on the same high-frequency current. Fat liquefies and easily leaves habitats.

LOSING cosmetologist - For those who thought of surgical procedures leads to panic, there are non-surgical methods. They are owned by cosmetologists.

Dissolution - Technique was first introduced in March 2007 in Monte Carlo, and almost immediately appeared in Russia.

Details about Dissolution read here. Under the skin by injection administered a cocktail of drugs and fat-burning water, fat cells are destroyed, the decay products fall into the lymph and excreted.

The average rate is 5-7 sessions. Please make sure that the liver is functioning normally. After all, she has to “dispose of” split fat and is a serious load.

Membranes fat cells are destroyed by the action of ultrasonic waves directed. No pain or other discomfort. During one session, you can get rid of 500 ml of fat recommended course - 2-3 procedures with an interval of 1-2 weeks.


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