Health Dealing With Acne Scars Avoids  

When it appears acne is very moderate, it is unlikely emergence of any defects on the skin after the healing phase. It is feared the emergence of these defects in severe cases, where it can be left deep scars on the face page.

And tips that go by dermatologists avoid the era of grain and screwing them to avoid the appearance of scars and increase the spread of acne.

Instead, there are several treatment methods that can be used to care for acne and prevent the appearance of scars. It also prefers to stay away from sunlight.

Speaking medical, can be defined as acne scars as those marks or bumps or hollows that appear in the surface of the skin as a result of the scar tissue as part of the healing process, having destroyed the acne skin original and hair follicles.

There are three types for acne scars, which are:

• scars porosity deep

Scars are deep and large, and pores are wide scale, and looks as if it were hollow skin with a blunt object high. Often, these scars occur as a result of the deep pimples or cysts that destroy the hair follicles when transported to the surface of the skin infection.

• Scars carved

These scars look due to be pimples and cysts that destroy the skin texture. And have these scars appearance gummy gloomy.

• scars protruding
When accumulate several bags together forming scar tissue, which leads to the formation of clumps swollen tissue process us on the surface of the skin, known as the scarred protruding.

- Treatment Options: Avoiding acknowledges pimples or squeeze it in order emptied of its contents is the best way to reduce the severity of acne scars.


There are a number of ways that can help reduce the visible effects of the scars. It uses some specialist’s cosmetic techniques such as glycolic acid peels and some special creams to soften scar tissue and improve skin texture.

There are other cosmetic remedial action can improve skin texture, such as sanding and restoration of the skins surface using a laser and skin collagen injection.


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