How To Reduce The Weight With Fruits  

Grapefruit - If before every meal to eat half a grapefruit, you can reduce the weight of two weeks up to 2 kg. You can also drink grapefruit instead of 150 grams of fresh juice with every meal.

Grapefruit able to reduce the level of insulin in the body and decreases the appetite. You can mix grapefruit juice with lemon juice or orange juice except this fat burning also strengthens the immune system.

Grapefruit is also useful to fight cancer cells. If you have overeaten at dinner, eat a grapefruit, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach will pass very quickly.

Those who cannot before each meal to eat grapefruit, enough to eat half of this miracle fruit before dinner. In this case, for 12 weeks, you can lose 1.5 kg.

However, we must note that the enzymes contained in half a grapefruit, can only burn 800 calories.

Pineapple and pineapple juice, due to the digestive enzymes contained in them broadloom, help burn calories and improve digestion.

Furthermore, pineapple reduces appetite and outputs the excess fluid from the body. Pineapple has proven to be useful in treating hypertension and bronchitis.

Pineapple and its juice not only have excellent taste, but they are rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Pumpkin - In the pumpkin there is just only 40 calories. Due to its fibrous structure pumpkin is a real boon for dieters. She is healthy, tasty and low-calorie.


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